Where performance is not an option.

 Our shop is well recognised for the quality and the competitiveness of their engines since1976.


Atelier Mécanique Bouffard has been serving you since 1976. Our workshop currently occupies an area of 5500 square feet (510 m²) in Granby’s industrial zone. Our business employs six professional employees who work every day to match our client’s expectations when it comes to performance and quality. The diversity of our equipement is also an important part of our success.

Our workshop is specialized in rebuilding many engine parts such as cylinder heads, motor units, crankshafts, connecting rods and many more… . Our expertise covers a large area so it’s no surprise that some of our clients come from the Montreal area and everywhere across Quebec.

Our clients come from many different backgrounds; car, truck and tractor dealers, independent garage mechanics, heavy-machinery operators as well as many do-it-yourselfers.

Over the years, Atelier Mécanique Bouffard (AMB) has been known in Granby as well as in the rest of North America for the quality of its competition and high performance engines. We remain very competitive in this area by investing, year after year, in research and developpment.

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