Rebuilding engines for lift trucks has become one of the specialities of our machine shop. Whatever your needs, we can help you. Our expertise covers brands such as Caterpillar, Continental, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Toyota, Waukesha and Perkins. If you need engine parts for any of these lift trucks, we can help you.

Our understanding of the demand of the agricultural, construction and transportation market has gained us the trust of our clients. Our machine shop is the exclusive parts supplier for many tractor dealers in the region. These dealerships don’t hesitate to come to us year after year with any of their engine related problems.

Our Hines electronic balancer, enables us to balance electric armatures, ventilation wheels, fans, shafts or any other part that must turn at very high revolutions.

We are well known for our expertise concerning restoration and rebuilding of antique engines. Be it a Packard, Cadillac, Willys, Studebaker, Buick or any other brand of engine, we can get the parts you need and the Babbitt service.

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